Living with acne is a terrible embarrassment that can significantly ruin a person’s social life. According to the US Census Bureau, it is estimated that 86% of the world’s population suffer from acne problem annually. Most of the sufferers are teenagers. If you belong to this statistics, then you may have also considered cosmetic surgery for your acne.

If you are, then this next statistic is important: According to UK-based Think Over Before You Make Over, one in every four people who undergo cosmetic surgery do not check their doctor’s qualifications. In a May 2015 report by ABC Australia, it has also been found out that a similar number (1 in every 4) applies to Australians.

Acne Treatment MelbourneSo, before you commit to undergo a simple procedure,for example to have cheek dermal fillers Melbourne or to undergo an acne treatment anywhere in Australia, then consider devoting some time to uncover facts about the cosmetics company and their surgery doctors. Many strategies are employed by fraudulent companies to lure potential clients into thinking that they are accredited and offer high-quality services.

While it may be just as simple as an acne treatment, when under the hands of an incompetent doctor, things will turn out more complicated and you will eventually be forced to face a huge mess. Prevent this burden and be ready before you let someone touch some of your body parts for there-beautification process.

Ask Your Cosmetic Surgery Doctor These Questions

  1. Are you board certified?

Ask for the qualification of the doctor by starting with his board certification. Has the plastic surgeon passed the board examination such as those administered by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)? Does he or she have any certificate/s displayed on the wall of the clinic? If not, ask for it. Is he or she certified to specifically practice cosmetics surgery as the specialisation?


It is crucial that you are aware of the surgical doctor’s specific medical specialisation. This will help signals his or her competency to handle a specific surgical procedure. People who hold only a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine should not be performing surgical operations because they are not qualified to do so in Australia.


You can also ask the surgeon if he or she is a member of an organisation, such as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery or ASPS. Members of medical organisations like these are sure to be competent and are qualified to perform whatever specialisation they are in.


  1. Have you dealt with similar procedures in the past? How about more complicated, major cosmetic operations?

Next, ask about the surgeon’s history related to the procedure. How many times has he or she performed similar procedures? Or are you going to be a guinea pig, the first recipient of an experimental method?


You should also be allowed to ask him or her regarding the first operation they performed. How many successes and failures have the surgeon experienced? You can even ask him or her on what must be done in the event that something goes wrong with the operation. The surgeon must be confident and knowledgeable in executing certain procedures to remedy a failed operation. But more importantly, the surgical doctor must aim to prevent those risks in the first place.


Make sure that you feel at ease with your cosmetics surgeon because you are putting the future of how your face, and how it will look, in his hands. You will get to know more about the surgeon through how he or she handles delicate issues about his or her past medical operations.


  1. Do you have testimonies from previous patients?

The doctor must also be confident in providing contacts to previous clients who will give you some testimonials about past experiences. You can also ask the surgeon for pre- and post- operative photos which will tell you more about his proficiency.


You can also visit online portals and read on discussions about certain doctors so you can get a glimpse of how previous patients feel about the services of a particular cosmetics surgeon.


  1. Can you tell me more details about the operation?

So you decided to undergo an acne treatment Melbourne, but do you really know what this operation entails? This may not be as complicated as major operations like liposuction, breast augmentation, or rhinoplasty, but an acne treatment can cause major damage to your face if it is done improperly by an incompetent doctor.


Your cosmetic surgeon must be able to give you a detailed account on how the operation will flow. He or she must also be able to provide alternative options, which will depend on specific stepsthat you think will best suit you.


Most importantly, the surgeon must not sound like a sales pitch; convincing you to undergo the procedure as soon as possible and guaranteeing the best results. The doctor should tell you to think deeply about your decision and consider any side effects and other potential complications but at the same time gives you assurance that he can truly handle your case.


  1. Will I be operated on an accredited medical facility?

Another important aspect of the operation is the site where it will take place. Ask the cosmetic surgeon if the medical facility is accredited. You should ask similar qualifications about the place as you would the surgical doctor. Also ask if the surgeon is accredited to operate in that hospital, clinic, or other medical facility.


The medical facility must be professional, well-kept, clean, and updated with state-of-the-art equipment. Besides the qualification of your doctor, a place where you’re assured of quality should also give a huge plus points about your decision and will impact how satisfied you will be of the results.

The Real Face of the Cosmetic Surgery Business

You shouldn’t settle only on being meticulous about your surgeon and the medical facility. You should also be scrupulous about the price and the companies. While more expensive quotationsdo not always imply better results, cheaper offers should also be scrutinised for legitimacy. Prices that sound too good to be true are probably bogus.

The problem with the cosmetic surgery business today is that many sub-standard clinics are riding in the popularity by remodelling their strategy to offer cheap cosmetic surgery services without adhering to strict compliance. This is very bad for the cosmetics industry in the long run, because more people will lose faith in this business industry. This is to the great dismay of some legitimate companies aiming and continuing to provide for high-quality products and services.