Students Getting on their Back for Cash

There are an increasing number of tertiary students who enter the commercial sex industry because of rising school fees and the rough economy. According to the Daily Mail Online, at least 100,000 enterprising students across the Great Britain are turning to sex trade in order to survive while in the pursuit of getting their degrees. Students getting on their back for cash isn’t news, as this desperate measure is common for students and non-students who want to keep their lives on track. You know what they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

In the United States, a study conducted by the Seeking Arrangement shows that around 150 students from the Norfolk University have become sugar babies and sell their bodies just to get by. According to the website’s spokesperson, prostitution is appealing to college students since it presents another option for them to support their studies while having fun.

Students Getting on their Back for Cash

A lot of students are coming up with creative ways on how they can make ends meet. Aside from prostitution, stripping, exotic dancing and working as cam girls are among the side jobs that tertiary students entertain to support their studies and living expenses. This job trend on university students, which is common in the United States and Europe, has also reached Asia and the Pacific region.

As per The Epoch Times, a growing number of Chinese tertiary students are resorting to prostitution. In fact, the Xinhua News Agency reported that illegal sex activities in the country are centered on university campuses. Being a part of an online prostitution ring in China is easy and straightforward. The owners of these businesses post on their website the pictures of female college students, wherein contact details of these ladies are also made available.

There are various motivations why Chinese students enter the sex industry. Of course, there is their financial needs. Low morality and the twisted concept of money are also said to be among their reasons. For instance, there are some parts of the country where you’ll get laughed at for being poor, and that there is nothing morally wrong about sex trade. These kinds of rationale from students getting on their back for cash are both worrying and alarming.