Studying is necessary, one needs to keep up with the latest developments in their chosen field. One’s choice on what field to study at the university is absolutely the biggest decision. Career break is dependent on what degree you have. Deciding on what to study at university is one of the major choices one will make as a young person. Life in the university is great! It offers growth and attainment that could lead to a better future. Hence, one must choose a major that could eventually lead to a promising career.

But what are these career paths that could possibly lead us to a well-compensated career? Let’s check out the list below.


List of Careers That Court Cash



Students believe that criminal law is a great career option as crimes are on the rise. Once in a while there are scams and other unlawful criminal acts making the job of a lawyer a very lucrative one.

Petroleum Engineers

They help locate natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits and work with team specialists. The team develops a cost effective method to extract petroleum. Petroleum engineers receive a very high pay rate. Engineers with great experience can make as high as $186,520 mark.


Nurses are professionals who are paid employment after six months of graduation. Nurse compensation is very good. Nurses pay depends on a number of factors. This includes,  specialty area, type of work, cost of living in the local area, years of experience as a nurse.

Mining Engineers
Mining engineers in Australia are still making it big. Despite the mining boom coming to a halt, the mining and resources sector continues to thrive. Experienced mining engineers earn about  $132,599.
ICT Professionals 

Working in the ICT field is more about your capacity to learn on the job and troubleshoot. The rise of new technologies such as robotics, virtual reality and AI make this industry a bright one! The average industry salary is at $99,945 according to the latest data.


Dentists are well paid for the services they deliver. They examine and treat diseases and injuries of teeth and gums. They prevent, maintain and educate patients in proper tooth and gum care. Dentists earn a median salary of $152,700.


The job description of a doctor is to analyze and treat medical conditions, disorders and diseases. Through the application of professional medical skills and knowledge. The job is highly rewarding and respected but can be stressful and demanding.


Established chiropractors earn a decent salary.  Becoming a chiropractor in Sydney’s CBD will definitely get you places.