Many people claim to be qualified as leadership experts, yet Robert Kirby definitely has the right qualifications. You can experience that fact firsthand when attending Robert Kirby Sydney events. There’s no doubt that he’s making a different in the world by transforming people’s relationships that they have with themselves. Kirby has literally helped thousands of people worldwide, through this training and teaching, through his Energy Healing and Body Psychotherapy. Here are some of the reasons why he’s qualified to provide such training:

leadership training1. He has interacted with world-famous personal/spiritual leaders

This has definitely helped Kirby to become one of the top teachers and facilitators of personal development in Australia. While he’s certainly developed his personal programs from scratch, it cannot be denied that like other effective speakers, Kirby has been influenced by some of the top experts in the fields that he’s involved in. This certainly has helped to shape his theories and programs, making them top-notch.

2. He has a background in human behavior and personal development

Kirby’s observations on relationships have even allowed him to represent a top teacher in the field of personal growth/relationships on The Oprah Winfrey Show. This background is certainly critical, as its given Kirby a background in the fields that he speaks and trains about. There’s a saying that you have to know the rules first before you break them. In a similar way, Kirby has learned the foundations of his field, which has allowed him to develop programs that help to further his writings and teachings.

3. He has 3 master’s degrees

These are in business administration, psychosomatic medicine, and clinical psychology. He also has other degrees that have helped to shape his theories. It’s interesting that Kirby has studied both business and psychology. We often tend to think of the two fields as being complete opposites. However, in many ways business is indeed related to such fields. In particular it allows him to take a holistic approach in addressing how psychological issues have a major impact on how business is done. It also gives him an edge over others who only have a background in one or the other field.

4. He’s had leadership jobs in 2 Fortune 500 corporations.

This certainly is a plus, as it shows that Kirby’s programs and writing are not just pie in the sky. They’ve been influenced by him actually working in companies that have been listed in the Fortune 500. His experience in those companies and background in psychological issues has certainly allowed him to mesh the two, in order to create a paradigm shift about how business is done.

5. He has a passion for changing the world

While this is one of the most abstract qualifications of Kirby, it’s certainly a worthwhile one. His kindness, compassion, and humility have helped to instruct others on how they can change the world. In fact, after people meet him, they learn quickly that his approach can make true changes in the world. That helps to boost his other qualifications.